Foster care

The Foster Care Board operates under responsibility of Khothatsong. Our aim is to reach out to orphans infected and/or affected by the HIV-AIDS pandemic. South Africa has a number of orphans counting in the millions. Although we are small, we believe that every drop helps to fill the bucket. Therefore we reach out in our area to those orphaned, often being taken ill care of by family members or older siblings, or even worse: by no one. We do this in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). Just as Jesus showed his love to the children, so we want to love them. We strive to grant them opportunities in life to enjoy parental care and family life, schooling, friends, education, and above all a relationship with their Creator and Saviour.

The Foster Care Board works in close cooperation with other welfare organisations, like the South African Women Association, Tshwane Place of Safety Association and the like.

In 2011 our first two foster care houses were built in Soshanguve block VV. In 2012 foster parents were trained and the first children were placed in these houses. In 2013 we hope to continue to place more children. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing on this project, and please continue to support it financially. It is a long term project, and many more funds are needed.

Foster Care – a true home (Nov 2017)

posted Jan 24, 2018, 11:18 AM by Elsabe Ros   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 6:16 AM ]

The Foster Care project entered a peaceful time. Both houses received a new name. House East is now named House Merake, this means ‘gather together’, like a farmer does with his sheep.

The names are not displayed on the outside of the house, because we do not want to mark the houses as orphanages. We want to create a new family with a mother, brothers and sisters. House Merake is full with 6 children: 4 daughters and 2 sons.

House West now House Lethabo, which means ‘brings happiness’. Our two baby boys have grown and are already 2 years old. We are hoping for a younger sibling soon.

The aim of Khothatsong is offer help to those that are suffering due to the HIV/Aids pandemic. There are babies that are left behind by their mothers who are unable to cope with their HIV status. These children are taken into care at places of safety who first try to find adoption parents and as a second option foster care. The latter is what we at Khothatsong assist with.

We have contact with several houses of safety. These organizations will first visit our foster homes before they consider placing children in our care. We have received very positive feedback from them about our houses and setup. The next step is then for the court to place children in our care. We are praying to receive another child or House Lethabo soon.

Tshwane Place of Safety (TPOS) surprised us with good news. One of our children is from Zimbabwe and has therefore not got an ID number. This has prohibited us from receiving the SASSA grant for this child. TPOS gave us the telephone number of where we could apply for an allowance for this child. It took a lot of time at the SASSA offices but eventually we succeeded to get a welfare grant for the Zimbabwean child. We are delighted that our prayers were answered. This means we can help children from other African countries with foster care in our homes.

The past year we had a lot of good memories from our holidays. During the Easter holiday the youth from the Free Reformed Church came to make beautiful paintings on the children’s bedroom walls. During the July winter holidays, the youth from the FRC came again to play sport, decorate cupcake, bake flapjacks and do scrapbooking with the children. A big surprise for us was a day outing to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. The “Jeugsentrale” arranged the day, which our children thoroughly enjoyed.

At present it is the last bit of the school year. We are glad that the children’s reports have shown improvement during the year.
We look back on a good year. The Lord protected our children on the long way to school. The mothers and children are enjoying good health. There is love in the houses and the families care for one another. The children attend Christian schools where they learn to trust in God. He is the only light for their future.

Foster care - April 2017

posted Jan 24, 2018, 11:10 AM by Elsabe Ros   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 6:16 AM ]

The children in the Soshanguve houses are doing well. A little boy who lost his mother, has been taken into the eastern. This house is now fully occupied, and we hope the family can create a sense of unity for the children. Together they may experience God's guidance on the road to adulthood.

Early each day, the schoolchildren get ready for school. They have been using two types of transport since September. One car takes our three oldest children to Jabulane Christian Academy. We are thankful to have found a place for them there, as it is closer to home. All the children enjoy and like their schools. After supper they sing together, and teach each other their Psalm verses and Bible texts. Our new three year old boy eagerly participates.

But these children do more than academics. The holidays were most enjoyable. We went to Die Hoekie, where there was so much to enjoy. The rain had provided us beautiful surroundings. We saw mountains, and we hiked and swam. We were in awe of the world God created.

December is family-time. The children do not fall short of family! They are welcomed by family members of their foster mother – and with open arms. Thoko's two children bonded well with the males in her family.

We are thankful that our children are progressing well and are in good health. It saddens us that the government have retracted all their financial aid that they were giving to babies born to foreigners in our country. The mothers could be in such need, that she dumps the baby somewhere and leaves. The baby is placed in foster care, but doesn't get a birth certificate with an ID number. Without an ID number, they don't receive help from the government. Khothatsong needs to make a decision concerning the children that don't have South African citizenship. Do we help them financially? We pray that God will work in their hearts, and allow for the financing for the children (Currently R920.00 per month). This funding will continue until the child reaches adulthood, with annual increases determined by the government.

How terrible it is for a child to never know his parents or family. What a blessing it is that we may tell them that they are part of the larger family we have and know in Christ! God had his Son suffer for our sins; He died for them as well.

We want to extent our gratitude towards you all who have supported us in prayer, gifts and donations and help. Our prayer is that these children grow in their knowledge of Christ, and will shine their light in the world, as adult members of the church. We pray that caring people will help and support us with financing of these children.

Foster care - 2016 (2)

posted Jan 24, 2018, 10:54 AM by Elsabe Ros   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 6:16 AM ]

The political unrest before the general elections did not go unnoticed for our mothers and children in the fostercare homes. Our houses are near a shopping center and the violence in the streets and in the center continued for days. The shops were closed, but were robbed completely empty by the rioters.

God provides!

It is not an easy task to keep the children behind locked doors for 4 days. Shortly before this, Unathi, our CEO, brought in a chef to teach the mothers, specifically how to bake bread. What a blessing! There was enough to eat and the children helped to bake bread and did chores around the house. Mother Thoko got some help with the little ones and the had fun playing. What a relief when the shops received new stock at the end of May.

Everything returned back to normal. At least, that’s what we thought. The 4 kids attend a school in Hammanskraal during the week. Suddenly we encountered blackmail and striking from the taxi driver that takes our children to school. Again, the kids were stuck at home. It was a very big relief when a mother, who also has a child in the school, offered to transport our kids in the future. She saw an opportunity for business and we are very glad about it. The children also enjoy it, because she is willing to wait for after-school activities (like sport).

Konnie Peet from the CRWRF in Canada visited our projects from 3 to 8 August and on the Monday the 8th of August, it was Fostercare’s turn. It was a school holiday, so we prepared an enjoyable day for the children. A young member of the Pretoria church offered to help and the offer of help was welcomed with such a large bunch of children. Everyone worked together to make a tablecloth for mother Agnes. We taught them material painting. When mother Agnes works all the pieces together, it makes a beautiful tablecloth. There is a lot of talent.

When Konnie produced a number of balls, the children could not be stopped. They played a game that looked like cricket. Very original and they all participated.The little ones were not left behind. They enjoyed themselves. Everyone got the opportunity to take a picture with “Moo”. Moo is Konnie’s traveling partner. Every day, a picture is taken of Moo’s travels. With a delicious meal and dessert prepared by Agnes, we ended the day.

Sunday, we attended a lovely church service in F4.

Our thanks go out to everyone that helps with the maintenance of our homes and the equipment. Also, for all the gifts of clothes and toys. Without your financialcontributions none of this would have been possible.

Our biggest thanks go to the Lord, who gives the strength to our mothers and volunteers to raise the children to glorify his Name.

Happy days for Khothatsong Foster Care

posted Jan 24, 2018, 10:51 AM by Elsabe Ros   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 6:16 AM ]

The Lord has blessed us with a new foster mother. Thoko is a well known as she has served with us frequently. Violet, another known face, has decided to join her.

Before they could start working, a lot of admin had to be done. They had to attend a course, obtain a declaration concerning behaviour, and declare that they had never been immoral. Furthermore, we had to employ another foster mother as well as five home carers to be available when needed.

We fostered relations with organisations working with children, who give them a place of safety. These places are families or homes where children, usually babies, are placed until they are taken into the foster care system or are adopted. It is heart wrenching to see how many babies wait for homes. Some babies are discarded by their mothers.

Two young boys, of 10 and 11 months, were placed in a foster care home on the 23rd of November 2015. They were initially taken to a place of safety, but ended up in Khothatsong. On their arrival, the second foster home was officially opened. Reverend Thabo Matlaela opened the event with a reading of Matthew 25 and a short speech. It was a privilege to, along with the social workers and visitors, pray and ask a blessing over the home.

The boys felt at home really quickly and are a joy to the mothers and other children in the home. All praise for our mothers Thoko, Agnes and Violet who give the children such love and care.

Last year, the children of the first home went on holiday. Someone made their site available and the accommodation was free. It was lovely to play and swim in the warm month of December. It was a highlight in these children’s lives.

Our 5 year old girl could also go to school with a taxi. Her eyes gleamed when she could wear her school uniform. We now have four school going children.

The foster care team wants to thank everyone who helped them in the past while. People have helped upkeep the home. They have made a beautiful murial in the baby room, donated baby clothes and furniture and the youth have come and done activities with our children. The mothers along with the children could participatein playgroups to teach the mothers how children are stimulated through play. Finally, we thank everyone who has thought of us with their financial donations.

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